October 17, 2008

Unperson Silenced by Ministry of Truthiness

A witness to Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers is keeping quiet.

Via Ace

The source was considering dropping his demand for anonymity. Thus likely moving the story forward. (He wasn't considering going forward with the Politico, by the way: but with the other, more important organization.)

And now, today? After witnessing Politico, among others, savage Joe Wurtzelbacher?

Cold feet.

The Politico has this story. They've had it for a while. They don't want to run it with the guy's anonymity kept intact.

Gee, I wonder why he wanted to keep that?

They're willing to endlessly vet anyone who even asks Barack Obama a question, but not Barack Obama himself.

I've got a problem with the way the Bill Ayers issue has been handled by the McCain campaign. Bill Ayers is not some "washed up terrorist". What Ayers did in the 60's is not important. What is important is what Bill Ayers is and is doing now. He is a major influence in Education and seeks to embed a socialist political philosophy into elementary education. Thus making your kids into nice little Marxists.

But nary a word about it from the campaigns. Obama has never been made to answer any question about Ayers educational philosophy and if he agrees with it.

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