October 16, 2008

Zulu Virgins Told to Put on Underwear

(Ulundi, South Africa) The centuries-old Zulu Royal Reed Dance (pic - nsfw) is held annually for the benefit of the king. Thousands of young, bare-breasted virgin girls wear only skimpy-short frontal aprons and dance around to display their intimate parts. The king chooses his wives from the eager nubile teens (below fold – nsfw).

Unfortunately, in recent years tourists from Europe have been taking close-up pictures of the Zulu virgins’ precious flowers with high-tech cameras and the practice has sullied the event. Consequently, the king has ordered the young maidens to cover their most tender flesh with underwear.

So, what happened to tolerance and multiculturalism? (more)

Zulu Maidens.jpg
Zulu Virgins - Note small frontal apron

By the way, it's suspected that the word "perky" may not be directly translatable into the Zulu language.

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