October 15, 2008

HOLD THE LINE (was re: Do Not Panic!)

None of us can say for certain what we will see when we look at our newspapers on the morning of November 5th.

If some of the mainstream media pundits can be believed, the Democrats could end up with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a "Blue Dog"-proof majority in the House.

They like to pretend they know, but they don't know, and neither do any of the rest of us. There is reason for concern, but there is also reason for optimism. The experts have been surprised many times before. Only time will tell.


What should really matter to each of us, however, is not what we'll all be seeing in the newspapers on the morning of November 5th.

What should matter is what we'll be seeing when we look in our bathroom mirrors.

When I look in that mirror, will I see a person who succumbed to despair and cynicism in a crucial hour, who stayed home, or put forth a half-hearted effort, convinced by the incessant drumbeat of our enemies that our battles were lost before they were even joined?

Or will I instead see a person I can be proud of, who fought like hell for cherished ideas and principles, unwilling to let my enemies subdue me without a fight?

Whatever I may see in the newspaper on November 5th, I certainly hope I see in the mirror someone who more closely resembles the latter.

Now, many of you may not be feeling particularly warm and fuzzy about the Republican Party these days. Any of you who feel that way are in very good company, and are joined by many conservatives and independents--including yours truly.

We're all angry and frustrated. The question for each of us, however, is whether we will channel that anger and frustration into something meaningful and productive, or simply waste it in some stupid and futile gesture of general protest against "the system."

Most of us are mad as hell at George W. Bush, and few of us are particularly fond of John McCain, but to let your feelings about Bush or McCain, or your least favorite RINO incumbent, dictate your actions about ALL Republicans or ALL incumbents is foolish and counter-productive.

Do whatever your conscience tells you in the voting booth, but whatever you do, get your ass to the polls and vote. Most of you reading this have at least one solid conservative reformer you can vote for, and many of our solid conservative reformers out there are in tight races this cycle. What does it benefit the conservative movement to see John Shadegg (AZ-3) or Marilyn Musgrave (CO-4) kicked out of office? To let even one of our conservative, reformist champions fall because of general anger at Republicans (actually RINOs) or "incumbents" or a desire to "send a message" is stupid.

Is "Politician X" part of the problem? Feel free to throw him out on his ear with my blessing--but please do your homework before you do. Is he or she really part of the problem?

If you don't know whether your own elected officials are part of the problem or part of the solution (i.e., a conservative), you might want to have a look over here, where you can find out, at a glance, how solid each of the federal incumbents is on immigration policy, taxes and spending, gun rights and right-to-life issues, based on interest group ratings. The database shows that Tom Coburn, for example, is rock solid across-the-board. Arlen Specter? Not so much.

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