October 11, 2008

I Got A Fevah, And the Only Cure Is More PHILLIES (and Flyers)

OK. I just wanted to write something about baseball, since my Phillies are rolling along in the playoffs. I'll admit - I got a twang of "the believer" in me this morning after their pwning of the Dodgers/Manny last night. I watched the game with my wife in a sports bar of howling Phillie phanatics, and it ruled.


With the pain of a devastating loss to the Jays in 93, I've suffered through many long, hard Phillies seasons. If Ryan Howard actually start's hitting, we got a legitimate shot. Ya dig?

So I'm gonna done ride this train till the wheels fall off. Forgive me.

It got me to thinking of how awesome baseball is. It's like a chess game, especially when you're protecting a lead against a good team. Michael Medved (a Phillies phan) once said that he liked baseball because at any one moment, you could tell who was winning the game. The competition can be sized up at any moment, and the balance of an inning-for-inning battle can shift rapidly and without warning. I have to agree.

Intermittent spurts of elation twangs of sickening darkness.

And doesn't every human alive watch the World Series every year, regardless of who is in it?

I'm a hockey fan. But the Phillies are the only other team in Philly I've ever really cared about.


And the Flyers start today, with Sarahcuda dropping the opening puck.

I invite your scorn. I'm gonna go look for the Sandlot.

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