September 29, 2008

Democrats: There Is No Crisis at Fannie...Freddie (Pt. III in a series)

I just want to be serious for a second, friends. This is a DEVASTATING video. It is absolutely unacceptable that this video is not being played on every news station and at every Democrat interview around the country over and over again.

More Democrats denying there was an impending crisis at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - this time, outright denied by Maxine Waters (D), the moron who threatened to, nationalize the oil industry. And Barney Frank (D).

And more. So much more. Watch the whole thing, and send it to everyone you know. Link to it everywhere. Do it. Now. Point and laugh derisively.

Praising Franklin Raines. More Barney Frank. Democrats mad at the GOP for calling out these two corrupt companies...while denying there is a problem. Republicans calling for more regulations, oversight and accountability with Democrats blocking them, etc. All meat and potatoes here.

Nothing those who have been paying attention to people other than Barack Obama haven't seen, but note just how explicitly and exactly perfectly these clips crystallize the argument that this was a GOVERNMENT failure - and one party in particular's fault. Jackasses.

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