September 24, 2008

Holy Crap, a SECOND Winner Palin Smear Video? Michelle on Fox [UPDATE: Ad to be run on TV?]

I really don't have time for this, but it has to be said: mucho important.

While watching the Fox News segment interviewing Michelle Malkin on the Ethan Winner Palin smear video I noticed that it wasn't the same video!

Spot the difference. Original Ethan Winner video:

Here's the video of Michelle on Fox this morning. The ad starts about 25 seconds in. They don't run it all, and they may have spliced part of the middle of the video to the beginning ("quotes from the founder") but there is a part of their version which differs significantly from the original. Spot it, if you can. It matters.

Did you notice the difference?

The video that Fox aired has the voiceover artist saying, ""Sarah Palin and her husband were strong supporters". But that's not what the original Ethan Winner video said. The original video says, "Sarah Palin and her husband were MEMBERS of this ....."

If any one finds the source for the new and improved video, let me know. I haven't digested exactly what this means yet, but it's fairly good evidence that someone at sometime (new post-outing video? or made side by side with and at same time original was made?) decided that the claim that Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party was just too big a lie to get away with.

Allah asks some questions here, but dude: if people claiming to be members of al Qaeda and who presume the freaking CIA are wired into their skullcaps make these same kinds of stupid mistakes, why not an Obama operative? It gives too much credit to people who, in the end, remain people.

Eg, see Watergate break in.

: Here's the video source. It's from the YouTube page of Say's Me TV which seems to run this blog and is associated with this service. Does this mean that they're trying to get this on TV? Yes, it does.

New York Times: offers a service over the Internet that streamlines the submission process for homemade television advertising and offers cheap slices of cable-TV time perhaps as little as $6 for a 25-second spot, assuming you are O.K. with appearing on CNN Headline News sometime next week in parts of Charlotte, N.C., in the wee hours.
They claim that this is what they're doing:
Timing its debut to the highly polarized 2008 elections, SaysMe allows you to promote the people and causes you care about most in a brand new way. Now, instead of passively writing checks and wondering how the money will be spent, you can choose 30 second ads from our library and run them on TV with your name branded on the end as the sponsor.

For you creative types, we encourage you to make your own ads and let people who share your views sponsor them. You'll even get paid every time someone runs your ad on TV.

This is getting interesting....

So, if Ethan's story is to be believed, then he produced two separate Palin smear videos and will pay [future tense, his words] for the voiceover out of his own pockets?

And his second video -- which is still a smear against Palin but which does not contain the objective statement about her being a member of the group [objectively not true], but the subjective statement that she strongly supports the group [hey, she sent a video to them once, that's strong support, right?] -- is now out and he's trying to get people to pay for it to be run on TV?

The story from Ethan was hard to believe the first time I heard it. Now I'm dying to hear his explanation!

UPDATE: They seem to specialize in anti-Palin videos, but not exclusively. All the other videos? Amateurish.

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