September 22, 2008

Anjem Choudary Predicts that Muslims Will Place Britain Under Sharia Law

Via The Sun:

Speaking at a rally marking 9/11, Anjem Choudary bragged that a birth explosion would let followers of Islam take control of the country.

Undercover Sun investigators secretly recorded Choudary telling a young and impressionable audience that they would eventually rule under strict Sharia law.

And our team listened in chilled silence as he predicted: “Islam is superior and will never be surpassed. The flag of Islam will rise over Downing Street.”...

...“We do not integrate into Christianity. We will ensure that one day you will integrate into the Sharia Islamic law. Our eyes are on Downing Street"

Also in attendance at the conference via webcam was the deported radical preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad.
Yesterday unrepentant Bakri said he could not understand what moderate Muslims have against Bin Laden, "Osama Bin Laden is a legendary person for Muslims round the world."
Omar Bakri Muhammad has repeatedly used the internet to continue to preach jihad in Britain from his exile in Lebanon.

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