September 19, 2008

HuffPo Produced Video: Sarah Palin Hates Rape Victims!

In your face alert: Someone explain to me how the anti-Obama ads are more vicious than the anti-McCain ads? I've seen some pretty stupid Obama is a Muslim/Communist videos but they're all made by lunatics with fairly low production value and then posted straight to YouTube. This video, which accuses Sarah Palin of hating rape victims, is professionally produced. And guess who's behind it?


Here's the ha-ha funny video. Outrage warning. My favorite part? The quip about John McCain wanting to develop a "rape based economy".

I can't decide whether or not the video is trying to be an edgy poke at stupid anti-Palin ads/caricatures of heartless Republicans or just another salvo in the anti-Palin hysteria. If the former they missed the mark -- by a country mile -- but given the source, I'm going with the latter: these people are just batshit crazy!

Does Arianna Huffington know where her millions of dollars in subsidizing the lunatic fringe are going?

UPDATE: It's almost like there is organization behind this......

UPDATE II: So this is the basis of the charge? Question answered: the people who made the video are serious about the charge, and their scum.

Here's the website, if you must know.

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