September 18, 2008

Palin Hackers Close to Being PWNED

UPDATE: Palin Hacker identified as DAVID KERNELL, Son of Democratic Lawmaker. O-W-N-E-D?

The partisan petty thieves who hacked into Sarah Palin's e-mail account will be found. As is the case off most hackers of this sort, they were careless enough to leave easily traceable IP information. And even though they used a proxy server to try to cover up their tracks, the owner of the proxy service says he's ready and willing to cooperate with law enforcement.

The Register:

The 25-year-old webmaster and entrepreneur is the operator of, the browsing proxy service used by the group that hacked into the vice presidential candidate's personal email account and exposed its contents to the world. While he has yet to examine his logs, he says there's a good chance they will lead to those responsible, thanks to some carelessness on their part. ...

To prevent abuse of the service - such as the occasional bomb threat or other illegal act that's been known to happen - Ramuglia logs each user's IP address, along with the time and web destination. That often isn't enough to track down people who access extremely popular websites. But in this case, the perpetrators included a whole string of random-looking characters when posting screenshots of Palin's hacked account. That will probably be enough for him to pinpoint the proverbial needle in the haystack.

And if that doesn't do it, the hackers had to then upload the material they stole to Wikileak. Opening a Yahoo email account via a proxy is pretty straightforward and had the hackers not been so careless as to take a screenshot revealing traceable info in the url field, they probably would have gotten away with it. But uploading & downloading large files is much harder to do via proxy. Trust me on this. I, er, know.

So comparing Ctunnel's IP/MAC addresses with those on Wikileak's servers should be pretty easy to match up. And from their you're only a patrol car away from arresting the felons.

And Anonymous, watch out for your cornhole, bud.

Thanks to Stable Hand.

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