September 17, 2008

Al Qaeda Releases 9/11 Anniversary Tape --6 Days Late! (Update: Is al Qaeda even more retarded than we imagined?)

The elusive as Sahab produced al Qaeda 9/11 anniversary video -- the release of which purportedly was thwarted by yours truly -- has finally been released. At least, I think this is the video al Qaeda has been promising. They're calling it "The Results of Seven Years of the Crusades" -- a reference to the U.S. led war on terror which in AQ propaganda is referred to as a repeat of the Crusades and a war on Islam -- which meshes with what al Jazeera was calling the copy of the video they claim was delivered to them prior to September 11th of this year.

The brothers on the forums are claiming the video wasn't released "for security reasons" and that the main al Qaeda website was taken down "voluntarily" -- also for security reasons. Scoff. Six days bitches. Six days.

In any event it appeared that the embarrassment of losing their main propaganda outlet was too much for them to bear, so they released the video any way. Ahmed_al-Ghamdi.jpg

Along with the usual cast of characters -- Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Abu Yahya al Libi, the video is said to also feature the "martyr video" of Ahmed Salah al-Ghamdi [pictured right]. This would be the first time the video was released [I think] and is consistent with past 9/11 al Qaeda videos which have also been used to release the video taped last statements of the 19 mass murderers.

Not yet known whether Adam Gadahn appears on the video. His absence would be strong evidence that he indeed had been killed by a U.S. Predator strike on a compound in Pakistan earlier this year.

With al-Ekhlaas down I'm not sure where the video links first appeared. I got it at a secondary forum from a person who has claimed in the past to be part of al-Qaeda in Iraq's media wing but who seems, frankly, to be full of crap. So, if any one knows which forum al-Fajr has decided to use as a backup for releasing their vids, I'd be interested to know.

I'm downloading the video now, but I'll try to update the post after I see it.

PS: I never claimed I was behind the cyber attack against al Qaeda. I was credited with it by unnamed "sources close to Western intelligence", but I never once said it was me. In fact, it wasn't.

UPDATE: The password sent by al Fajr to unlock the compressed video doesn't work. This happened once before and the retards in al Qaeda's online "media brigades" were forced to addend the original post with a new password.

And these guys have the nerve to call me a mongoloid.


UPDATE II: Passwords still not working.


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