September 16, 2008

Taliban Now Using Skype

I saw a similar report last week and meant to link it, but Stable Hand forwarded this today reminding me that I wanted to comment. CW:

Taliban fighters targeting British troops in Afghanistan are using Skype voice-over-IP phones to evade detection....

The British and American governments are said to be investing resources to crack voice-over-IP (VoIP) codes.

"The trouble with this technology is that it is easily available but devilishly hard to crack," a security source told the Standard. "The technology can now be accessed on mobile internet devices and the country's mobile phone network is expanding rapidly."

Right. My advice to Taliban? Keep using Skype.

The Taliban: the same braniacs that thought it would be a good idea to publish their phone number. Really.

--->>>Note to Adil Watanmal [aka, Murchal]: How come you haven't written back, dude?

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