September 15, 2008

Oh, THAT Jill Greenberg

You know, the one that may have committed child abuse in the name of "art."

I remember this cupid stunt, I remember that story. Photographing John McCain in a bad light is the least of what she's done.

Jill Greenberg is a revolting pus filled boil on the ass of humanity. Why she's not in a pound me in the ass prison for abusing those children is absolutely disgusting.

There's been alot of worthless crap thrown up all in the name of "art." Andrew Serrano comes to mind. Outraging crap, to be sure, but real life abuse of defenseless children goes far beyond the pale.

Michelle Malkin wants to know why The Atlantic didn't vet this scumsucking bottomfeeder with a simple Google search. I want to know why the McCain camp didn't.

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