September 09, 2008

Bombmaking Material Found in Home of 'al Qaeda in Britain' Suspect

The fifth suspect arrested in the 'Umar Rabie al-Khalaila, Emir of al Qaeda in Britain' ring has been named and charged. He is 29 year old Krenar Lusha, from Derby.

And this time it looks like he was doing more than just making idle threats online. He was making a bomb:

This morning he was charged with three offences under the Act.

The offences relate to allegedly possessing four kilograms of potassium nitrate for use in a terrorist act and possessing information on how to make explosives and bombs between January 1 and August 27 this year.

For a nitrate based bomb, four kilograms isn't going to do that much damage. Unless of course one was to add some shrapnel and detonate the bomb in a crowded and enclosed area. Like, say, a subway train. But perhaps he was just in the testing phase or slowly accumulating material so as not to be detected?

The BBC adds this helpful clue:

Mr Ahmad [ed note: another in the ring] is accused of having material such as camouflage clothes and plans for "urban combat"

Expect updates. Thanks to Or Shahor.

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