September 08, 2008

American Airlines Celebrates Ramadan by Promoting Islamist Supremacy Group

A whistleblower---I'll call American Airlines employee X--sent me a screenshot of what was displayed at his in-house computer from a couple of days ago. The page is supposed to help AA employees come to a better understanding of Ramadan. It introduces us to a number of Islamic concepts and introduces us to a number of AA employees.

Employee X notes that one of the employees--who's name I will also redact--- looks like some sort of activist. But it's worse than just being an activist: in his spare time he works with the Islamic Circle of North America. The group promotes Islamist beliefs--the idea that Islam is not just a religious systembut is a total social system which includes the sharia or Islamic law.

And the group has ties to terror front charities, including Hamas. Four of the group's members were prosecuted in a plot to join the Taliban. Prior to 9/11 the group raised funds for an al Qaeda linked charity online.

On to the quotes:

[AA employee Y] was born in Pakistan and came to the U.S. in 2002 as a student at the University of Detroit. He now works in Jetnet Support and Development and is a member of the MERG. [He] wants people to know the truth about his religion so he is an active member of the Islamic Circle of North America, an organization dedicated to relief work and educating communities about Islam ( Says [Y], "Islam is the largest religion in the world. Yet unfortunately many Americans' first introduction to Muslim people was 9/11. ICNA hopes to create a better understanding of Islam so people can judge for themselves what is true, not just the upside-down picture painted by the media."
But it's not just employee Y. The AA promotion also includes Adnan Syed who is a director for the ICNA's South Central Region.

His name I won't redact. I can see a part time volunteer not knowing what he's been involved with, but a regional director? I don't think so.

Adnan Syed, a five-year AA employee in IT technology development agrees with [Y] that getting accurate information out about Islam can be difficult. Syed, originally from Pakistan, got his masters degree at SMU in telecommunications management. He has been ICNA's South Central Regional President for four years and is also on the organization's national board of directors. He is proud of ICNA's community outreach programs, and specifically mentions the women's shelter in New York, whose training and education programs enable Muslim women without families to live independently. Syed says people need to be reminded that suppression of women is not an Islamic teaching but rather a by-product of a country's culture.
That's why non-Arab cultures such as Pakistan are less oppressive than Jordan? Give. Me. A. Break.

How bad is the ICNA? According to one article in Middle East Forum, there is little doubt that the group has a radically Islamist orientation:

They both embrace the extreme Deobandi and Wahhabi interpretations of Islam. ICNA demonstrates disdain for Western democratic values and opposes virtually all counterterrorism legislation, such as the Patriot Act, while providing moral and financial support to all Muslims implicated in terrorist activities. An editorial in the ICNA organ, The Message International, in September 1989 bemoaned the "uncounted number of Muslims lost to Western values" which was a "major cause for concern."[47] In 2003 and 2004, ICNA has collected money to assist detainees suspected of terrorist activities, participated in pro-terrorist rallies, and mounted campaigns on behalf of indicted Hamas functionary Sami al-Arian.
None of this means that these employees are aware of the ICNA's radical ties nor does it mean that they are Islamists themselves. But whenever large corporations wish to do "outreach" to Muslims or want to "educate" their employees about Islam, why is it that they always turn to groups which are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood and are explicitly Islamist in orientation?

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