August 29, 2008

Kos Diary: Palin Faked Pregnancy to Cover for Slutty Daughter

Really, no joke. They even put a phony poll up wondering if they should delete the post. Not because its patently stupid and untrue, but because "its a private matter".

I. Shit. You. Not.

Stay classy there Kos. Stay classy.

Thanks to HA's link thingy.

UPDATE: Jawa poll added!!

Should Kos diarist Inky99 take down post spreading rumor that Sarah Palin only pretended to be pregnant to cover up for her daughter's sluttiness?
Yes, such unsubstantiated stories have no place in civil discourse.
Yes, even if true it's a private matter.
Yes, it's for his own protection. Doesn't Inky99 know Palin once ripped the head off a bear and shoved it up his ass just for looking at her?
No. Free speech! Help, I'm being oppressed!!
No. See Palin vs. bear above. I'd pay to see that shit!
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