August 29, 2008

Khawaja Should be Freed Because he Wanted to be a Mujahedeen not a Terrorist

The past couple of weeks have been interesting in Canada's first anti-terrorism court case. Momim Khawaja is on trial for 7 charges for participating in, facilitating and financing a terrorist group and its activities. The defence admits Mr. Khawaja was making a remote-control detonating device for a terror cell in England planning to blow up a nightclub.

A couple of weeks ago, lawyers for Momim Khawaja, argued that he should be freed because he never planned on being a terrorist but wanted to become a mujahedeen in Afghanistan to fight NATO troops including Canadians.

From the National Post

Lawrence Greenspon said prosecution testimony and other evidence, including Mr. Khawaja's emails, repeatedly suggest he wanted to join the mujahedeen and do what he could to support Muslim insurgents to quench his rage for what he perceived to be a new Crusade against the Muslim world.

While joining the mujahedeen and Taliban against Canadian and other western troops may be offensive, it is not what he is on trial for, Mr. Greenspon said.

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