August 29, 2008

VPILF: Sarah Palin

UPDATE so awesomely awesome that it gets put right at the top: Somebody has a VPILF website!!!!

It was registered August 4th. They registered it using a privacy company. But whoever you are high fives are in order.

Thanks to Lorie Byrd


Sarah Palin: Miss Wasilla 1984

Nyctalus lasiopterus says Ace coined the phrase. I'm not sure what VPILF stands for (plausible deniability any one?), but somehow I find it easy to believe that Ace's morons were behind it.

UPDATE: I only report people. I only report........

UPDATE II: Sarah Palin with Salmon.


Freaking awesome!

UPDATE: Double freaking awesome: Palin with AR-15! Update: Video added for those too lazy to click (now working) link.

UPDATE: Palin kills caribou.....


..... with her bare hands!

UPDATE: Score one for Gordon: "Don't forget there is an even shot that she will end up our CICILF."

Score one for Wonkette: GILF.

UPDATE: Blogger claims Palin into giant rockets, totally misses golden opportunity for low-brow Beavis and Butthead moment.

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