August 28, 2008

Leak: McCain Picks Pawlenty

Erick Erickson hears that it's Tim Pawlenty. How confident are they? They've got the siren up and spinning. Redstate:

A source close to the campaign now confirms for me that it "more likely than not" is Pawlenty. He does, however, caution me that the campaign does not actually want to leak tonight lest the Obama camp get too much of a chance to play the victim card with a sympathetic media.
So, the campaign is leaking to Erick that Pawlenty is McCain's Vice President pick .... but, I really shouldn't oughtn't tell you that because then Obama will find out and that's no good so just ignore what I just said?

So, is it Pawlenty or not?

To be honest, the post I did below about Google searches indicating that Romney would be the pick started as a prediction that Tim Pawlenty would be the guy. That was because we were getting a ton of hits for Pawlenty. And just looking at hits for Pawlenty shows hits way up. It's only when you compare Pawlenty to Romney that you see Romney's hits are WAY WAY up.

Anyway, Vice President Tim Pawlenty sounds good to me. We'll see tomorrow, eh?

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