August 28, 2008

Obama: Most Liberal Senator was Liberal Legislator

Shocking, I know. I don't get why the GOP isn't playing this angle up? Obama won the Democratic primary precisely because he was left of Hillary Clinton on every issue except healthcare.

The real meat of Obama's liberalism in the Illinois legislature is found on page 3. The crux of the votes is a legislative history that is consistent with Obama's Harvard law degree: one which hampers the ability of police to do their jobs effectively and reduces criminal sentences.

Of course Obama has reasons why he voted the way he did, but those reasons are also connected to his Harvard law school training. In other words liberal preferences couched in Constitutional argument.

The Democratic brand is in much better shape than the GOP brand, and perhaps this is why McCain's people aren't focusing on Obama's liberalism. But even though being a Democrat seems to be in vogue these days, being a liberal isn't. And being a liberal Harvard educated lawyer of the ACLU strain? That's the death sentence of any campaign.

Free advice to McCain's people: Playing up Obama's celebrity status and inexperience is good, but the jugular is in defining Obama as a liberal. The trick, of course, is making the liberal label stick.

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