August 26, 2008

Man Identified in "al Qaeda in Britain" Cell

One of the four men detained by Lancashire police over terroristic threats on Gordon Brown's life in the name of 'al Qaeda in Britain' has been identified.

His name is Ishaq Kanmi, a 22 year old teacher from Blackburn.

The Telegraph reports.:

The mother of one of the arrested trio insists that her son is innocent.

Mariam Kanmi, 50, said her son, Ishaq, 22, a teacher, was arrested as he prepared to fly out to Helsinki, where he was due to spend the month of Ramadan at a conference.

"My son is an innocent boy and we are a well-respected family here," said Mrs Kanmi. "He is not involved in terrorism.

"He hasn't incited anyone to kill Mr Brown. He hasn't plotted with terrorists. We haven't even got a TV here or the internet.

"He was going to Finland for Holy month. There was going to be a grand opening but he has missed that. He's been going there for six years. He always teaches abroad".

She added: "It's wrong that he's being held. Why are they taking this long?"

Ah, yes, the traditional Ramadan Hajj to ...... Helsinki?

You notice that she says he doesn't have the internet at home. Maybe not, but I'd guess that he had internet access at work. Which also happens to be a school.

Which I'm guessing also had publicly accessible computers. Where any one--say, one of his friends from mosque--might go and surf jihadi websites. Or email people. All on the taxpayers dime........

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