August 25, 2008

YouTube: Helping Kill Americans Since 2005!


YouTube allows terrorist sympathizer to spread terrorist propaganda. That propaganda incites Muslims to become terrorists and kill Americans.

No, most Muslims who view this propaganda won't become terrorists. That's not how propaganda works.

But many will cheer. Some will become sympathetic. Some of those will become angry or, even worse, inspired. Some of these will donate funds to "resistance movements". Others will join the "Islamic resistance" in Somalia, Chechnya, Kashmir, Afghanistan, or Iraq. If they can get there.

And some will stay home and kill. Or try to.

The worst part? YouTube knows that al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations use their platform and do nothing (or not nearly enough) about it.

Sure, Islamic extremists have long used the internet. Before there was a YouTube, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's underground army of internet helpers, led by Britains Younis Tsouli, thought they had perfected the art of preparing and disseminating propaganda meant to show that the jihadis were winning and terrify Muslims into non-cooperation with the US.

Looking back, they were amateurs. Because compared to the global reach of YouTube, their distribution systems were clumsy and limited.

If you were already a jihad sympathizer you could always find al Qaeda's propaganda. But it was work. Now? YouTube is your one stop-shopping experience where all the latest videos showing Americans getting killed are just one click away.

What WalMart is to retail, YouTube is becomiing for the jihad community.

The most hardcore jihadis continue to hangout at forums like Ekhlaas and al-Firdaws where links to videos are swapped (many of these videos hosted at, which like YouTube is also owned by Google). But YouTube reaches a much wider audience and is much more easily accessed than the password protected forums where one is only admitted after having been "vouched" for.

What's the difference?

According to Alexa, the percent of global internet users who visited Ekhlaas, al Qaeda's official propaganda outlet, over the past three months is 0.00016%.

Al-Firdaws, which has what many consider the most "authentic" of all the English language terrorist forums, boasts 0.00029% of internet users.

YouTube? 18.5% of all internet users regularly visit YouTube.

While al Qaeda's official outlets reach only tens of thousands of people a day, by distributing their propaganda through YouTube they have a potential audience in the tens of millions.

So, if you've had loved ones killed or wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan over the past three years you may just want to thank YouTube for giving terrorists the tools they need to raise funds and recruit new blood.

How bad is it over at YouTube? Very.

For instance, meet user "abdullhasif" from "Iraq". Apparently "abdullhasif's" occupation is "jehad" and he works for "Al Qaeeda".

In addition to posting several official al Qaeda as-Sahab productions, he also likes to post videos of American soldiers being shot in Iraq.

Now meet "elekhlaas" from Iraq. He says (in Arabic) that his channel's mission is to "transfer the facts and true picture of the raging fight being waged between the young heroes of Islam". He features Osama bin Laden's Message to the peoples of the West on the 60th Anniversary of Israel.

Here is "fas556". His website is "" which happens to be the closest thing al Qaeda has to an official forum. It is the place where al-Fajr releases all of al Qaed'a productions (either through their as Sahab or al Furqan brands). The same Ekhlaas forum I mention above.

Fas556 is 25 and lives on the Arabian Peninsula. His avatar, the symbol he has picked to represent himself online, is the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq--al Qaeda's front group in Iraq. He doesn't have many videos, just two. One a tribute to Osama bin Laden. The other one lamenting the tragedy of the Crusader occupation of Muslim lands and encouraging Muslim youths to become mujahideen.

How many others at YouTube have some relationship with Ekhlaas? Hundreds if not thousands.

Some examples:

User: thair123
Homepage: (alternate Ekhlaas URL)
Avatar: Army of al-Mustafa (al Qaeda ally in Iraq)
Videos: Islamic State of Iraq (al Qaeda), Ansar al-Islam (designated terror group), Army of al-Mustafa
Major theme: Killing Americans

User: islamicstate
Homepage: (alternate Ekhlaas URL)
Avatar: Islamic State of Iraq (al Qaeda)
Videos: (favorites only) al Qaeda in Iraq.
Themes: al Furqan al Qaeda in Iraq support videos (Americans killed, mujahideen martyrs, IEDs, etc)

User: AlqaedaBase (group)
Homepage: Ekhlaas
Avatar: Tawhid wal Jihad (old al Qaeda in Iraq under Zarqawi)
Videos: al Qaeda interviews and al Qaeda martyrs
Themes: General al Qaeda support

User: fatehalislam33
Homepage: Ekhlaas (see "more info" on all videos)
Avatar: Fatah al-Islam (al Qaeda in Lebanon)
Videos: Fatah al-Islam
Themes: Salafi Sunni jihad in Lebanon

User: HerosDocument
Homepage: Ekhlaas (see "more info" on all videos)
Avatar: Ayman al-Zawahiri
Videos: al Qaeda as Sahab productions
Themes: General al Qaeda support

User: CPOJdrbj (Confidential Path of Jihad)
Homepage: (French jihadi site, links Ekhlaas)
Avatar: Confidential Path of Jihad
Videos: Original productions in support of Ekhlaas, al Qaeda in Iraq, al Qaeda
Themes: Lauding martyrs of al Qaeda & urging others to follow their example

Those are only some examples of users who directly link to the Ekhlaas forum. Thousands of others openly support violent jihad and show videos of attacks on Americans in that context.

But of all the thousands--and I mean literally thousands--of jihad propaganda videos on YouTube, you know which one pisses me off the most? Al Qaeda in Iraq video showing the desecrated body of Major Troy Gilbert.

Troy and his wife Ginger have five children together.

The user lists the disgusting video as comedy.

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