August 25, 2008

Good News: Somali "Youth Movement" to Officially Join al Qaeda, Export Jihad

After long denying that the al-Sabaab Youth Movement is involved with terrorism, it's leader now openly admits the two groups work together. And they've begun the process of officially joining al Qaeda following the model of the al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb, previously called the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat.

How does that work, exactly? Joining al Qaeda? Is there some kind of pledge followed by a week of thinly veiled homo erotic hazing (thank you sir, may I have another!) after which one is taught the secret handshake and given a talk about bros before hoes (also thinly veiled homo eroticism)?

The article starts off with the incredibly stupid claim that no one could possibly have ever imagined that al Qaeda could take hold in, of all places, Somalia. You know, the place where al Qaeda popped its cherry.

It was almost enough to stop reading the article. Having survived years and years of MSM ignorance, BS, and spinning, though, I trudged on and found these important tidbits:

After once denying or downplaying links to the terrorist network, a senior leader of Somalia's most notorious Islamic militia now acknowledges that his group has long-standing ties to Al Qaeda and says he is seeking to forge a closer relationship."

We are negotiating how we can unite into one," said Muktar Robow, a top military commander of Shabab, which the U.S. State Department designated a terrorist organization this year. " We will take our orders from Sheik Osama bin Laden because we are his students."

Merging with Al Qaeda operatives in the region makes sense, he said, given the recent U.S. crackdown, including a May 1 airstrike that killed Shabab's previous commander.

"Al Qaeda is the mother of the holy war in Somalia," he said. "Most of our leaders were trained in Al Qaeda camps. We get our tactics and guidelines from them. Many have spent time with Osama bin Laden.".....

"Once we end the holy war in Somalia, we will take it to any government that participated in the fighting against Somalia or gave assistance to those attacking us," he said.

As I've long noted: keep an eye on Somalia, it's the next Afghanistan.

Thanks to Bill who has taken up the cause of getting the Shabab website off U.S. servers.

UPDATE: More good news: Al Qaeda-linked Shabab in control of southern Somalia

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