August 24, 2008

Notorious al Qaeda Sympathizer was Security Guard

It turns out Umar Rabie, the self-proclaimed leader of al Qaeda in Britain, really did have a brother who, as some of you know, used the incredibly cryptic online nom de plum "umar rabies bro". Genius.

As we noted a couple of days ago, Umar Rabie and two others were arrested last week on terrorism related charges. Umar Rabie, on behalf of al Qaeda in England, had made threats against Gordon Brown at a famous online forum. I also predicted at the time that one of the three would turn out to be "Umar Rabie's Brother".

I was right. Umar Rabie's brother was arrested along with one other.

There is no God but Allah and Rusty is his Prophet.

I, along with pretty much every one else who knew the pair from their online antics on lesser known forums, never took them very seriously. But maybe I should have?

Three suspected terrorists have been arrested over internet threats to kill the Prime Minister.

Two men were arrested at Manchester airport last week as they prepared to leave the country and a third, the brother of one of the other men, was detained in Accrington, Lancashire where he worked as a security guard.

So, the question is what was Umar Rabie's bro, who publicly claimed he was a member of al Qaeda, guarding?

This is a guy who recently publicly wrote:

Make Duaa for me that Allah gives me Martyrdom in his path.
And who upon hearing about the death of al Qaeda leader Abu Laith al-Libi wrote:
we will take revenge O' crusaders... soon....
This guy. Was guarding someone or something. Scary, no?

And FYI, just in case any one is interested, Umar Rabie (not the "bro", the Umar Rabie) also has publicly claimed that he has met with Osama bin Laden:

i say this because when i met sheikh usama in 1999 he told me about zawahiri, and he praised sheikh ayman so much that i start thinking that az zawahiri is obl's leader.

sheikh ayman az zawahiri is a hero,

whenever he sends an audio/video then he incites all sunni muslims to defend their religion...

allahu akbar

UPDATE: Our Zionist cabal insider notes in the comments that Umar Rabie would have been somewhere around 13 back in 1999, so maybe he's not to be taken at his word. This wouldn't be the first time Umar Rabie or his bro stretched the truth. Duly noted.

Then again, with some people, jihad runs in the family.

Not that I take anything these guys said at face value. I don't.

In fact, for many reasons the Umar Rabie trio reminds me of the Boy Who Cried Wolf story. What most people get out of that story is that you shouldn't lie. These three had the art of lying down to a science.

But another thing to get out of that story is that sometimes there really is a wolf.

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