August 20, 2008

Yawn: Somebody Found Obama's Lost Brother

STOP THE PRESSES: He's living in a destitute shanty town in Kenya. Whoop-de-do.

Interesting that an intrepid reporter managed to find this guy in the middle of nowhere in a shanty town in Africa, but the intrepid reporters with all of the resources in the world in the US and elsewhere can't seem to gain access (or are being blocked by a shadowy "someone") to the stash of 947 public files containing information about what Obama and terrorist Bill Ayers did in Chicago with their "Annenberg Challenge" during Obama's tenure as chairman.

Stanley Kurtz and others are trying, but they're being stonewalled. Maybe if CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSDNC, the NYT, the LAT, USA Today, etc. got on it, it would be a little clearer. But alas, that is asking the media to investigate one of their own. I'm guessing the mainstream press will be using the "John Edwards" defense. That is, they're not going to bother because what they fear they might find about this time in Obama's vaunted political career may hurt the Liberal Jesus and by extension the Democrat Party.

Besides, this is all a "distraction." Ironically, this wouldn't be an issue at all if Obama actually had, you know, accomplishments on his "better than McCain LOL" resume he could point to.

Now that people are scrutinizing his paper-thin "resume," they're being told not to look at it, or that looking at his time as a "community organizer" in Chicago is somehow a distraction from "the real issues."


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