August 13, 2008

"Not Terrorism": Dead Somalian Had Pound of Cyanide

Confirmation that the white substance found in Saleman Abdirahman Dirie's room was, as suspected, cyanide.

Somalian immigrant to Canada. Says "Kill them" on website discussing members of the Islamic Courts Union--what we call the African Taliban -- murdering a Somali Christian. Found dead with a pound of cyanide in Denver.

Police response? foul play was not suspected

FBI response? no apparent connection to terrorism

I. Shit. You. Not.

About a pound of highly toxic sodium cyanide was found inside a hotel room where a 29-year-old Canadian man's body was discovered, authorities in Denver said.

Police said foul play was not suspected and FBI spokeswoman Kathy Wright said Wednesday there was no apparent connection to terrorism

I'm not saying this was definitely a "work related accident". But I'm also not ballsy enough to say it wasn't.

PS and Note to Rocky Mountain News: The "Abdirahman Dirie" who posted the online threat on July 11th is obviously not the same "Abdirahman Dirie" who has twice posted today.

The second & third postings are obviously a reference to Dirie being dead. One a reference to what hell feels like and the other a disappointment at his 72 virgins being 7 dudes. What are you guys, morons?

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