August 07, 2008

Second Threat Against Olympics from Islamic Party of Turkistan Released on Youtube

A group calling itself the Islamic Party of Turkistan has issued a second threat against the Olympic Games in Beijing. Laura Mansfield is working on a translation of the statement.

What is interesting is that the threat was released on Youtube by a user calling himself mjawazi and the official Youtube Channel for this group, tipawazi

More here from Internet Haganah.

The IPT's site ( is currently suspended, and the cleric's site ( is inactive.

The involvement of the al-Fajr Media Center can be taken as a sign that the IPT enjoys a positive working relationship with the al-Qa`ida Home Office in Waziristan (or wherever it actually is). It appears that someone launched a successful attack in Kashgar, Xinjiang, but it remains to be seen if the people who issued the threat can actually manage to pull off an attack in Beijing during the Olympics.

Already suspended? Sigh, wonder how that happened? I blame the Worldwide Zionist Conspiracy Inc.

So nothing left for Jawas except to maybe email a terrorist?


If you manage to get a reply please forward, do not cut and paste, to ASAP.

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