July 31, 2008

Journalist Stringer Detained in Iraq...AGAIN

Ali al-Mashhadani.jpgAli al-Mashhadani, a stringer who has worked as a cameraman for Reuters, the BBC, and even NPR has been detained in Iraq for the third time:

Ali al-Mashhadani, who also freelances for the British Broadcasting Corp. and National Public Radio in the United States, was picked up Saturday in the U.S.-controlled Green Zone where he had gone to apply for a U.S. military press card, Reuters said in a statement....

The U.S. military confirmed the detention and told The Associated Press in an e-mail that al-Mashhadani was being held "because of a perceived security threat." The command did not elaborate....

Reuters said two Iraqi journalists who were in the military press office at the time said they saw American soldiers frisking al-Mashhadani and leading him away. The agency said two other witnesses said they saw U.S. soldiers escorting a handcuffed man with a hood over his head....

Al-Mashhadani was detained in August 2005 after U.S. troops found photos of insurgent activity in his camera while searching his home in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province.

He was released without charge in January 2006 but was detained for two weeks a few months later. No charges were filed after the second detention.

Insurgents in Ramadi in 2005 would have been al Qaeda, which declared the city the capital of the Islamic State of Iraq.

Keep an eye on this one and drop us an e-mail if you hear anything else. Thanks to RS.

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