July 28, 2008

Al Qaeda Calls for Saudi King's Death for Meeting With Pope


Religion of Irony alert. Al Qaeda's #3 has called for the death of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah for meeting with the Pope and calling for interfaith dialogue. Why does this get King Abdullah a death fatwa? The logic goes something like this:

The Pope offended Muhammad by suggesting that the Muslim prophet spread Islam by the sword. For this, the Pope deserves death. King Abdullah deserves death by colluding with the Pope and abandoning violent jihad.

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

Al Libi also is accuses King Abdullah of being involved in some conspiracy --part of a new Crusade against Islam-- to spread Christian principles to the Arabian Peninsula.

What Christian principle? Religious tolerance. No joke.

I have the video but it's not going to help you much. The entire thing is in Arabic with no English subtitles. Which, as we've noted for some time now, is a change in the MO of al Qaeda's as Sahab video arm when it was clearly being run by American Adam Gadahn.

Azzam al-Amriki, come out come out wherever you are! Olly olly oxen free!

Thanks to Laura Mansfield who has the video, but for subscribers to her services.


A caption beneath the photo repeats part of al-Libi's video message. It reads: "He (Abdullah) has made religion a joke and has done so in public with Jews, Christians and Muslims.

"He has thrown those fighting for Islamism into jail...and has fraternised with those who have offended the Prophet, notably the adulator of the Cross, the Vatican's Pope." ...

"The Prophet ordered us to drive unbelievers from the Arabian Peninsula. Today, the Saudi royal family is destroying our Islamic tenets by showing Muslims it is possible to spread Christian principles."

"By sitting side by side in public, they are taking part in the Crusader campaign. They are helping them, giving information to their secret services, all in order to spread their culture and religion."

Al-Libi concludes the message with a call to kill King Abdullah for having betrayed Islam.

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