July 25, 2008

LOLz: Obama = Lenin

UPDATE: Some commenters are saying that this isn't a piece of Soviet propaganda, but rather a modern creation that pays tribute to the Bauhaus style of design. And my only source is the link I provided below. If this isn't the real thing, then consider this post and its accompanying snark moot. Read the lowdown at Towerload - the site with homosexual tendencies. No, I did not make that up.

This whole Obama/Old Soviet style propaganda thing has been covered before. Here's the American Thinker blogging it in April.- Lt.
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Nice catch by Scott in the comments.

Obama's infamous "LOOK AT MY VISIONARY FACE" poster advertising his political rally in Berlin that wasn't a political rally before it was bears striking resemblance to an old piece of genuine communist propaganda (an antiwar poster, at that).




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