July 25, 2008

Video: al Qaeda Ally Using Children in Afghanistan

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Here is the much discussed video from the Islamic Jihad Union showing children being trained for battle. The Uzbek jihad group trains in Pakistan and, like its allies in al Qaeda and the Taliban, raids NATO and Afghan forces across the Afghan border.

This would be the same group that was caught plotting to attack U.S. bases in Germany. If you look at the related links below, you'll notice a pattern here: the group has an extensive support system in Europe.

The video is taken from the last half of the Badr al-Tawheed 3 that I spliced and then uploaded to Liveleak. The first part of the video shows various adults "martyred" in Afghanistan. This portion of the video focuses on another "martyr", an 11 year old named Abd al-Rahim who the group claims was killed in battle with Pakistani forces in Waziristan. They also say that he was some kind of translator between the Pashtun speaking natives and the mainly Uzbek offshoot of al Qaeda.

The 11 year old does not appear to be the youngest boy in the group of kids being trained for jihad. If you watch the whole thing you'll notice that in addition to being trained with AK-47s and pistols, that the kids are also given RPGs.

Child abuse? Certainly, but remember the video below is taken from an IJU propaganda video. This means that they are proud of themselves for getting this kid killed.

The next time some idiot tries to equivocate between us and them, remind them of how sorry we are when kids get killed in the haze of war (even brainwashed kids like this) versus our enemies who are proud of sending their children into harms way.

Video below the fold.

WARNING: The video, while not that graphic, does show the dead body of the child. Consider yourselves warned.


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