July 22, 2008

Judicial Watch Sues Feds Over Ramos and Compean Case

Via Americans for Legal Immigration:

Three weeks ago, Judicial Watch, a non-partisan, public interest law firm, filed a lawsuit against the Department of State to obtain documents related to the government's decision to prosecute Ramos and Compean and to strike a deal with the criminal and drug trafficker Aldrete-Davila for his testimony against the two agents who intercepted him at the US-Mexican border.

According to officials at Judicial Watch, JD attorneys filed their original FOIA request on April 17, 2008. However, the US government failed to respond within the statutory 20-day period, forcing Judicial Watch attorneys to file their lawsuit.

Whenever I think about the fact that these two good men are locked in prison while our government lets violent felons run free, it makes me ill.

I used to argue that, unlike the world's thugocracies, our country doesn't hold political prisoners. I'm not sure that's quite true anymore. I don't believe Ramos and Compean are in prison in order to protect the public safety. Quite the contrary. These men are in prison because they refused to go along with the "see no evil, hear no evil" game plan. They are there to send a message.

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