July 15, 2008

Diplomacy, Al Qaeda Behind Afghanistan Attack. But Mostly Diplomacy.

Yesterday Newbie had a discussion with the rest of the gang behind the scenes here at Jawa world headquarters about the likely involvement of al Qaeda in the attack which killed 9 Americans in Kunar province Sunday. Bill Roggio confirms that not only al Qaeda, but other Islamist organizations were involved. Further, they've reconstituted Brigade 055:

Al Qaeda has also reformed Brigade 055, the infamous military arm of the terror group made up of Arab recruits. The unit is thought to be commanded by Shaikh Khalid Habib al Shami. Brigade 055 fought alongside the Taliban against the Northern Alliance and was decimated during the US invasion of Afghanistan. Several other Arab brigades have been formed, some consisting of former members of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards, an intelligence official told The Long War Journal.

Al Qaeda's elite forces were likely involved in the planning and execution of Sunday's sophisticated attack in Kunar.

How has al Qaeda become re energized? It had nothing to do with 'distractions' in Iraq. Quite the contrary. Al Qaeda has had its asses handed to them on a platter in Iraq.

The real culprit here is diplomacy. The various peace agreements made by the Pakistani government with the various Taliban and Taliban-like organizations created the space needed by al Qaeda to reconstitute, reenergize, and retrain.

Think about that the next time someone in the State Department calls for diplomatic efforts.

Apologies to Ace for the headline.

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