July 02, 2008

Video Ghey? Whore Dresses Like Stormtrooper

So Flea sends me a link to this pic of a high-heeled storm trooper boot. Not content with just the shoe, I click around until I find the video posted below of a whore--no, really, a whore, at what I'm guessing is a Nevada brothel--who has custom made her own crotchless Stormtrooper uniform in order to fulfill a client's dream of ... er, screwing a Stormtrooper?

Seriously, WTF? A Princess Leia metal bikini I get. But a Stormtrooper? Denial ain't just a closet in Tom Cruise's mansion, baby!

SFW vide below. Exit question: If screwing a Stormtrooper isn't teh bad ghey and is only kinky and/or perverse, why wouldn't you pick out a more attractive whore to fulfill your fantasy? If you can afford to pay a prostitute to dress up like a Stormtrooper, I'm guessing you can afford to rent a hot one.

Stormtrooper Nerd-Tease

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