July 02, 2008

Video: Terrorist Shot in Jerusalem (UPDATED)

Abu Qatada, who is out of jail because the British courts refuse to allow him to be extradited because testimony used against him might have been extracted through torture, has famously argued that jihad is an individual obligation to be carried out whenever and wherever the mujahideen may be found. In Jerusalem, one such warrior for Allah has killed two--maybe three--women.

An off-duty IDF officer borrowed a pistol and shot the terrorist. A police officer was already in the bulldozer cockpit reportedly trying to strangle the terrorist. Actual video of the terrorist getting shot below.

Infolive has two videos shot at the scene. The first is some pretty poor quality cell phone footage of the actual attack with the bulldozer. UPDATE: I've added the video to the end of the post.

The second, it's graphic. Here's the description:

An off-duty soldier and a policeman from an elite unit at the scene of the Jerusalem attack shot the terrorist dead. The soldier, Moshe Klessner, 18, is the brother-in-law of IDF officer David Shapira, who killed the terrorist in the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva attack on March 6. The policeman Eli Mizrahi told reporters after he did what he was trained to do. BBC took the footage. 07/02/08
See it here. UPDATE: I've added a Liveleak version below the fold at the end of this post.


Three women were killed and at least 30 more people were injured when a bulldozer driven by a Palestinian resident of east Jerusalem trampled over pedestrians and vehicles and plowed into two buses in downtown Jerusalem at around noon Wednesday....

The driver, who reportedly had a criminal record and was the holder of an Israeli (blue) identification card, was shot dead by a SWAT officer near the old Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The terrorist was identified as 31-year-old Hossam Dawiath, a father of two from the village of Tzur Baher. ...

Egged official Yossi Klachkes told Yet, "Two of our bus lines - 13 and 60 - were rammed by the bulldozer as they were traveling toward the Mahaneh Yehuda Market. The line 13 bus was carrying 35 passengers and the other bus had 15 people on board. The drives and some passengers were inured of suffered from shock and were evacuated to hospitals." ...

The Islamic Jihad issued a statement praising Wednesday's attack:"The attack is a clear message to the enemy from the person who carried it out and the entire Palestinian people, that it should expect more attacks for as long as it continues its crimes against the Palestinian people and the aggression against our people, our land and our places."

UPDATE: Carl is liveblogging from Jerusalem.

UPDATE: Solomania had this e-mailed to him:

Among his innocent victims is an infant, who was injured in the attack and taken to hospital. Eyewitnesses told police that the murdered mother saved her baby, by throwing the child out the car window, just before the bulldozer crushed her to death.
WARNING: Graphic video below.

Thanks to Ed who has more.

Hat tip to Willis.

UPDATE: Here's the cell phone footage. Pretty poor quality.

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