June 22, 2008

Brit High-Maintenance Al-Qaeda Preacher

Abu-Qatada.jpg(London, England) Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe, hate preacher Abu Qatada, is living a life of luxury in London.

The terrorist-recruiter was released from prison this week and now is forced to stay in England because, if he is deported to Jordan, he might be tortured which is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

In the meantime, 47-year-old Abu Qatada has a sore back so he qualifies for 150 a week incapacity benefit. That amount, of course, will be added onto 45,000 a year in child benefit, income support, housing benefit and council tax credit.

The income allows Abu to live in an 800,000 four-bedroom Edwardian house which, unfortunately, he can't leave because he's on house arrest. And, by the way, the house arrest for Qatada costs taxpayers 1million-a-year. In total, terrorist martyr-maker Abu Qatada is personally soaking the British citizenry for something around 50k ($100,000) per year plus the cost of keeping him on house arrest.

So, in the minds of the British authorities, Abu Qatada is not an al-Qaeda terrorism hate preacher deserving punishment and deportation, he's an average Brit with a bad back deserving of a taxpayer-funded annuity.

Burns my ass and I'm not British.

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