June 17, 2008

What an Incredible Smell You've Discovered! Britain Releases al Qaeda's #1 Man in Europe

Abu Qatada al-Filisṭīnī is out of jail. I only have a few thoughts to add to APs commentary here.

Abu Qatada is a specially designated foreign terrorist. When Mohammad Atta's apartment in Germany was searched after 9/11, police found 19 video tapes of Qatada's preaching violent jihad against the US.

We once battled Abu Qatada who's supporters ran a website for him while he was in jaill. Jawa 1, Abu Qatada 0.

But up against the pussies in the British legal system: Abu Qatada 1, pussy British judges 0.

Way to go douchebags. Way to go.

Oh, and those "control orders" have such a great track record, don't they?

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