June 17, 2008

The Post in Which Batman Laughs at the AP

The AP wants me to pay them $2.50 a word when I quote them.

As a legitimate news source, why don't I just do what the AP does when it quotes Reuters? Attributes a story to them without a link. For instance, this AP report on a Reuters and Access Hollywood report about denials that Paul Newman had cancer:

Hotchner, a longtime friend of Newman's, wavered in his public statements later Wednesday, telling "Access Hollywood" that he had no knowledge of Newman being treated for any illness. He confirmed the cancer report to the Reuters news agency, however.
How much does the AP pay Reuters when they use them as a source and vice versa? Nothing. I'll take the same deal.

This is actually part of the backstory on how The Jawa Report became the first right-of-center blog I know of to be a Google News source. I was reading an AP article which had no sources of its own, instead it was quoting the AFP (or maybe Reuters). Seriously, nearly a whole story by the AP simply saying that, "the AFP reports", etc. So I thought to myself, if this is "news" then why is it not "news" when I quote some other news source and then add a little commentary?

That combined with Google News listing some objectively pro-terrorist websites as "news" (and a dare) is how I originally applied to Google News back when there were only a few hundred sites listed, and nary a blog.

So, will we be forking over any cash to AP soon?

In fact, the AP should be paying me. From now on we'll follow the AoSHQ model and just quote the AP, citing them as a source, without a link.

UPDATE: The AP quotes from Patterico, no payment forthcoming.

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