June 13, 2008

Dead or Alive? US Looking for Adam Gadahn

Jimbo sends this from Jim Popkin at NBC. I'm not sure how new the 'Deep Background' blog is, but I just got turned on to it over the past few days. Keep an eye on it as it seems to be NBC's version of ABC's 'Blotter'.

The gist of Popkin's piece is that the Coalition is busy trying to smoke Adam Gadahn out. They're using radio ads calling Gadahn a traitor and a coward. They also promise a hefty reward for locals who will turn him in.

But buried in the article is a quote from Mike Darmiento, the Assistant Director of the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service, who is connected to the efforts to root out Gadahn. They're not even sure if Gadahn is alive:

He explained that, with all the rumors swirling around that Gadahn may have been killed by a Predator attack in February in North Waziristan, it was time to ferret out the truth.

"We had heard information that possibly he had been killed back in February. And we just decided it's time to really push this some more to see if we can develop some additional information and try to locate him once and for all," Darmiento said...

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he went underground. It also wouldn’t surprise me if he was killed,” he said.

The last we saw the fat ass virgin Jew* from OC he was busy ripping up his passport and renouncing his US citizenship. All fine and well on our end. Good riddance!

The State Department has also recently been distributing posters and matchbooks with Gadahn's face on them reminding the citizens of Afghanistan that there is a $1million reward on his head.**

You can buy several prepubescent wives for that kind of cash!

What's not stated in the article is the alternative to Gadahn being dead, which may be why the efforts to locate him are being ramped up: he's gone operational. Jewish kid. Grew up a Dodgers fan in suburban LA. Member of al Qaeda's inner circle. On the loose in, say, Europe. Or worse yet, back in Orange County. You do the math.

Like I've been saying for months, I believe he's dead. We know he regularly Googles his own name and in the past he's responded when we've called him out. Since pushing the intel we've been privy to that he's dead we've heard nada from Adam. That's a first.

If you're reading this Adam, the production quality over at as Sahab has really suffered. It lacks that gaywad pizzaz and subtle homo erotic undertones you always added to Zawahiri and al Libi speeches.

But maybe he's just dead? I think so. But if not he needs to be found. Right away.

*He hates being reminded he was born Jewish, hence the Jew remark.
**Oddly, the Rewards for Justice website is currently down. The domain is registered to someone with a state.gov extension. Typical. Your U.S. State Department at work!

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