June 13, 2008

What if the Valedictorian of a Saudi Run VA School Joined al Qaeda?

Oh, right, it already happened. The school is the Islamic Saudi Academy and the valedictorian was Ahmed Abu Omar Ali, who you'll notice has his own archive category in the left hand column.

Ali left his native Virginia to go to Saudi Arabia for 'religious training' where he joined an al Qaeda cell. Ali, who admitted to plotting to kill President Bush, was called the Rosa Parks of the Muslim community by a Virginia imam. The Muslim Rosa Parks also admitted to meeting with Zubayr Al-Rimi, al Qaeda's #2 man in Saudi Arabia while studying in Mecca.

The Saudi funded school has been in the news again recently when *shock* it was revealed that they continue to use textbooks justifying violent jihad and that a local Democrat running for Congress wants the school to remain. Go read See-Dub's post and follow the links for the whole story.

What bothers me is that we allow the Saudis to spend tens of millions of dollars supporting Islamic institutions in the United States, yet the act of bringing a Bible to Saudi Arabia is considered a crime. The solution is not to ban the Saudis from funding Islam in America, it is to make the legality of that funding based on a reciprocal arrangement: we'll let your imams in to our country to preach Islam, and you let our [insert religion here] missionaries into your country to preach [insert religion here].

Of course, they'd also have to decriminalize apostasy and laws against proselytizing. Under current Saudi law, based upon sharia, both are punishable by death.

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