June 11, 2008

Two Somali eHadis Arrested in Britain

Two Somalian eHadis have been arrested in Britain. Apparently they had quite a large collection of terrorist propaganda videos which they were distributing through a website they ran.

If any one knows the website they operated, please let me know. There are several that we have been keeping tabs on with a direct relationship to Somalia's al Qaeda affiliate, al Shabab, and their version of the Taliban, The Islamic Courts Union. But just because they are Somali does not necessarily mean they were only supporting terrorism in Somalia, it's just a guess. The jihad is global in scope and support for it knows no geographical limitations.

And once again we see the connection between the online jihad and the physical jihad: they two were raising money for terrorist organizations online.

Leicester Mercury News:

A man from Leicester will appear in a London court today charged with supporting terrorism overseas.

Musse Said Yusuf, 31, of Higgs Close, Rowlatts Hill, is accused of running a website which published terrorist literature, and of owning instructional videos for the purpose of terrorism. He was arrested when counter-terrorism police raided a family home in the street, off Coleman Road, on May 28. ,,,

Officers then searched the building and took away items including three computers. Neighbours told how they had seen officers looking under the family's cars and in the garage...

The dawn raid in Leicester was carried out alongside one at a home in East London on the same day, where a second man was detained. Police said Yusuf was charged last night - two weeks after arrest - with Ahmed Said Mohammed, of Southcott House, Devons Road, Poplar, London. The 32-year-old is accused of having money for the purpose of terrorism.

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