May 30, 2008

Anti-American Coalition Calls For Dunkin Donuts Boycott

The anti-American, anti-Israeli umbrella organization ANSWER has called for a boycott of Dunkin Donuts because Dunkin Donuts pulled an ad featuring Rachael Ray in what appeared to be a kaffiyeh:

"Dunkin Donuts has capitulated and withdrawn an advertisement for its products following the allegation... that the spokeswoman in the ad was wearing a kaffiyeh, a scarf which is a staple of clothing traditionally worn by Palestinian men," the ANSWER Coalition said in a statement.
The kaffiyeh has become a pro-jihad fashion statement for the evil and the hopelessly boneheaded chic worldwide.

Will the boycott work? Since the ANSWER demographic seems more tilted toward the sort of people stupid enough to pay more for the inferior Starbucks product anyway, probably not.

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