May 29, 2008

Jane: "I'd never get out of the airport alive."

This is a nice article about, and al-Khaiwani and Yemen again. Its from Menassat in Lebannon. Its based on a different interview: "While they block my blog, the Jihadi Al-Qaeda web sites are working just fine in Yemen. They release the USS Cole bombers and throw journalists and even comedians in jail. It leaves me speechless. This is supposed to be a U.S. ally. I feel I have an obligation to let people know," she said.

It takes a lot to leave me speechless.

Take a look. There's a cool graphic. They call my blog unabashedly American. And it is.

And if by chance this article tips you over the edge and you decide to sign a letter for al-Khaiwani, along with the 1200 people who took a stand for civil rights in Yemen, the link is here.

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