May 29, 2008

A George Soros Production

Why does it seem that most every sordid, underhanded attempt to humble America before the world and encourage her enemies to kill more Americans leads back to George Soros?

UPDATE by Rusty: Just to be clear, I don't really think the connection is important. As you know, CJ over at LGF has no bigger supporter or fan than me. I just don't see why the owner of the publishing company has any sort of bearing on the content of the book? It could have motivated the company to publish McClellan's book, but if the implication is that somehow McClellan decided to criticize the Bush administration because Soros owns his publishing company or because its Board of Directors are a bunch of liberals, then I'm not on board. Smacks too much of the Chomsky and Hermann's Manufacturing Dissent thesis about corporate media power.

I think it's interesting to note the relationship, but that's it. Just an interesting fact, nothing more. Charles doesn't note anything more than the relationship, and neither should readers somehow read into it anything more than just that. Please don't read into this some sort of Soros funded conspiracy.

It may say something about the company's motivations, but not McClellan's.

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