May 27, 2008

Report: al Qaeda Discussing "Why we lost in Iraq"

It seems that the jihadis are finally admitting what we've know for months: they've lost in Iraq. It's stunning. Not so much that al Qaeda has lost in Iraq, but that they're online supporters are now admitting it. Just a few months ago my reading of the online discourse was that al Qaeda's fans were in total denial, continuing to call us the "United States of Losers" in Iraq.

For any of them to admit defeat is a real victory. If this report is correct, its importance cannot be overstated. Why? Because a key to insurgency recruitment has always been hope for victory. Far fewer people are willing to risk death in a cause they believe they cannot win. Hence, al Qaeda has long pushed propaganda designed to present an image of imminent victory in Iraq.

Since so many al Qaeda operatives are always dying, a key to keeping up the fight is in recruiting. But the perception of defeat means far fewer recruits, translating into weaker fighting ability.

Strategy Page:

Al Qaeda web sites are making a lot of noise about "why we lost in Iraq." Western intelligence agencies are fascinated by the statistics being posted in several of these Arab language sites. Not the kind of stuff you read about in the Western media. According to al Qaeda, their collapse in Iraq was steep and catastrophic. According to their stats, in late 2006, al Qaeda was responsible for 60 percent of the terrorist attacks, and nearly all the ones that involved killing a lot of civilians. The rest of the violence was carried out by Iraqi Sunni Arab groups, who were trying in vain to scare the Americans out of the country.
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Now that al Qaeda's supporters have admitted to the obvious, will the reality based community on the Left admit we've all but won the war that "couldn't be won"? Don't hold your breath.

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