May 27, 2008

Afghans Beg US to Strike Pakistan

A state-controlled newspaper in Afghanistan is calling on the U.S. to strike more Taliban positions within Pakistan. This comes on the heels of the Taliban declaring a cease fire with Pakistan, instead focusing its efforts on Western troops in Afghanistan. Report on Arrakis reprints this report:

The United States should target militant bases in Pakistan, an Afghan state-controlled paper said on Monday, reacting to a threat by a Pakistani Taliban leader to carry out attacks in Afghanistan....

"Similarly, the United States of America which heads now the international campaign against terrorism, needs to focus all its attention on the terrorists' genuine nests," the state-run daily said in an editorial, referring to militant bases in Pakistani tribal areas along the Afghan border.

What to do with the SOBs in Pakistan? As Ned Flanders would say, it's a real dilly of a pickle!

The present policy of limited air strike incursions only on high value targets is not working. The worry is that an all out invasion or even an escalation might have the effect of some sort of anti-American coup or all out civil war spreading from the "tribal" areas to major cities. And I don't need to remind you that Pakistan has nukes.

This is what democracy has wrought in Pakistan. A government wishing to negotiate with Islamist terrorists. I'm guessing (read: hoping) that behind the scenes that we are threatening the new Pakistani government that if they do not take action against the Taliban that there will be consequences.

What was it that Richard Armitage said to the Pakistanis shortly after 9/11 if they did not begin to cooperate in the war on terror? Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age.

We don't need to go that far, but a little arm twisting is in order here.

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