May 23, 2008

Rachael Ray: Not Every Scarf is a Kaffiyeh

Charles Johnson notes this Dunkin Donuts ad campaign featuring Rachael Ray. He and others think that the neckwear worn by Ray looks like a kaffiyeh, the scarf that is a symbol of Palestinian "resistance". I don't see it.

Kaffiyeh's are generally checkerboard patterned, although there are some variations. Compare Rachel Ray's scarf with the one worn by Hugo Chavez as a sign of solidarity with Palestinian terrorists.



Or the one worn by Howard Dean, head of the Democratic party.


Not every black and white scarf is a kaffiyah. If anything, it appears to me that Rachel Ray is trying to look French where scarf wearing has always been considered somewhat en vogue.


So, on the positive side it doesn't appear to be a keffiyah to me. On the minus side it does make her look French.

You decide which is worse.

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