May 20, 2008

Another article about me but this one is in the New York Times and doesn't call me a Mason

OMG the Times article is too funny. The fact that there is a Times article is funny enough, but its a killeh because its all true, for example:

The government’s allies routinely vilify her in print as an American agent, a Shiite monarchist, a member of Al Qaeda, or “the Zionist Novak.” (True. I particularly liked "Jane Novak: A Docile Pupil of a Monkey Monk".)

“This is a country that lets Al Qaeda people go free, and they’re putting a journalist on trial for doing his job?” she said. “It’s just completely crazy.” (True!)

She speaks with a distinct Brooklyn accent, having grown up in Flatbush. (True. One of the commenters after the first Jawa radio show said, "Great show, but who was that woman who sounds like Edith Bunker?")

It was after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks that Ms. Novak "thought it would be a good idea to write in the English-language Arabic press on subjects we could all agree on, freedom of the press, equality, stuff like that,” (True, true, there's a lot we all agree on.)

“He’s just such a nice guy (al-Khaiwani),” Ms. Novak said. “He really believes in democracy, and he’s paying the price for it.” (True, and he's very polite.)

Ms. Novak’s perpetual harping on these themes appears to infuriate the Yemeni authorities. (True, bwahahaha.)

Some professional Arabists speak a little disdainfully of Ms. Novak’s blog... (True, yet another badge of honor.)

“Some say there’s no progress in the Middle East,” she said. “But if they could just see these people — they’re really modern heroes.” (Very true.)

Its called: "A Living Room Crusade Via Blogging". (Yes, they called it a crusade.)

The only thing that is missing is all the help with the petition I had from the Hands Across the Middle East Support Alliance (a great organization), and Jawa and the thirty other bloggers who are carrying the story of al-Khaiwani. But I guess a three page article would have been a bit much...

Anyway, have you signed al-Khaiwani's petition today? (Click here.) Really you should, your mother would want you to.

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