May 19, 2008

Youtube Blows off Senator Lieberman, Refuses to Remove Terrorist Content



Senator Joe Lieberman earlier today publicized a letter he sent to Eric Schmidt demanding Google remove "content produced by Islamist terrorist organizations from YouTube."

The Connecticut Senator wants all videos mentioning or featuring these groups removed from YouTube - including videos featuring legal nonviolent or non-hate speech.

Heh that's funny, the CNET geek thinks that hosting content from specially designated terrorist entities on youtube is "legal" and protected as free speech.
I know we're about to get into the thick of the political silly season but no less than a veteran U.S. Senator should take a look at the United States Constitution now and then. It's one heck of a document. Really.
Seems to me like Charles Copper of CNET and Eric Schmidt of Google need to read International Emergency Economic Powers Act as well as executive orders 12947 and 13224. All of which are quite constitutional.

See when a US company hosts videos (or other propaganda) created by specially designated terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and al-Qaeda with the goal of aiding their war against the United States, that is unlawful.

I hope senator Lieberman's next call is to the Dept of Treasury Office of Foreign asset Control. If OFAC needs to start using its power to fine Youtube and other web hosts who refuse to remove terrorist content. A few 250K fines would go a long way in changing their minds.


The senator's press release is here.

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