May 15, 2008

Media Bias In The Kennedy-Andropov Affair

Interesting interview with Bestselling author Paul Kengor at Frontpage Magazine.
Seems nobody in the mainstream media wants to hear about Ted Kennedy's "indiscretion" at the height of the Cold War.
Seems nobody in the liberal media will touch a story about a U.S. senator's back-door collusion with our greatest enemy at the time, or his blatant attempts to undermine the Reagan administration and the people who elected him president.

Apparently, you can run your own foreign policy, steal and destroy classified records from the national archives, leak top-secret documents to the media, surrender to an enemy we are clearly beating, meet with designated terrorists in defiance of national policy or cozy up to racists for 20+ years, and get off scott-free... provided you are a Democrat.

Here's the money quote from the interview:

History is determined by those who write it. There are the gatekeepers: editors, journalists, publishers. The left’s ideologues are guarding the gate, swords brandished, crusaders, not open to other points of view. The result is a total distortion of “history,” as the faithful and the chosen trumpet their belief in tolerance and diversity, awarding prizes to one another, disdainful and dismissive of the unwashed barbarians outside the gate.

Read the full interview here.

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