May 14, 2008

Obama-Wright Closer Than Pretended

Through painstaking research of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church magazine, Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog and Stanley Kurtz of the Weekly Standard have collected a trophy case of evidence that Barack Obama was not telling the truth when he said he didn't know what was being preached at Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC).

For those who delude themselves about Obama's spiritual roots and believe the story that he was only a worshipper of Jesus Christ at TUCC without knowledge of Rev. Wright's radical Marxist black liberation theology, think again after reading here.

Furthermore, seventeen TUCC magazines with cover images, called Trumpet Newsmagazine, tell of the history of thought at the church and of Rev. Wright. Sorry, but I can't believe that Barack Obama never picked up and read the church magazine -- especially when his is the featured cover picture on several issues.

Trumpet - Obama.jpg

Some may continue to rationalize Obama's mendacity as truth, but I would contend that he was shoulders-deep in the muck of anti-American and hate-whitey rhetoric at TUCC and his assertions to the contrary are false.

Of course, this all leads to the unasked question of why did Obama stay with the congregation for twenty years. Unfortunately, as long as the mainstream media lets Obama get away with feigning ignorance about the agenda at TUCC, the question won't be asked.

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